Legend stands for complementing you! We make leather bags and belts for all woman, casual and chic. Every item is made out of a unique piece of leather. Moreover, we design our leather bags and belts in-house.

Our mission is becoming and staying number one in the leather accessories’ industry.
We believe to achieve this by being a steady company who produces their products in their own factory. 

We distinguish ourselves by being flexible and constantly creating authentic leather bags and belts of high quality. At Legend, we respond to today’s trends with a view towards the future due to our contemporary designs. 

We use sustainable certified resources of recyclable materials. In this way we minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. We serve the B2B market as well as the B2C market. 

Leather tanning

We only use leather from livesstock and do not use exotic leather. In addition, we obtain our leather from compaies that belong to the ''Leather Working Group''. This is a membership initiative that focuses on reducing the negative environmental impact of leather production. As a result, we are increasingly using chrome-free and vegetable tanned leather. Our goal is for all leather products to be tanned without the use of chrome salts and with plant-based methods. If you want to know more about this toppic, please read our sustainablitity page.

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